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Halloween Bagel twists

Updated: Oct 14, 2020


Makes 8

250g Strong white flour

2 tsps baking powder

500g low fat Greek yogurt

1/4 orange Natural dye ( I used beet powder

1 egg white

Extra flour for dusting


  1. Preheat the oven to 180c, prepare a large baking tray with parchment paper.

  2. Divide the flour into 2 bowls of 125g each, add one tsp baking powder to each bowl and 250g yogurt to each bowl. Add the food colouring to one of the bowls to make the peachy colour dough. Combine the mixes separately with a spatula until it comes together into a rough ball.

  3. Turn out both dough balls onto a floured surface and knead each ball separately for a minute until a smoother dough is visible ( about 1 minute) Divide the coloured ball and the plain ball of dough into 8 equal pieces each. Roll each piece out into lengths of 15cm each. Take one of the coloured lengths and one of the plain lengths and pinch one end together. Twist the dough around each other to form a spiral shape and secure the ends to form a circular shape, tidy the ends so they are on the underside of the bagel shape. Repeat this until all eight are done and place them on the prepared baking tray.

  4. Brush the tops of the bagels with the egg white and sprinkle with the everything bagel seasoning. Bake for 15-20 minutes on the middle shelf, depending on your oven, remove and allow to cool on a cooling rack.


If the dough is too wet add an extra dusting of flour so its easier to work with

Use a Beetroot powder for the coloured element.

You can top the bagel with any seeds of your choice.

Everything bagel seasoning

1 tsp sesame seeds

1/2 tsp black sesame seeds

1/4 tsp dried garlic granules

1/4 tsp dried onion granules

1/4 tsp maldron salt

Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.

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