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Clonakilty Veggie Pudding Croque Monsieur

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Makes 2

Béchamel sauce


30g butter

16g plain flour

200ml warm milk

1 pinch nutmeg


  1. Heat a pot, add the butter, melt it over medium heat. Once it starts to bubble and foam add the flour and whisk, stirring continuously for 1 minute until it's like a thick paste. 

  2. Keep the pot over a low heat add the warm milk, whisk until smooth and has a thick sauce consistency, add in the nutmeg and set aside.



15g butter 

4 slices white bread

1 tbsp Dijon mustard 

150g veggie pudding, sliced

110g gruyere cheese, sliced

25g gruyere cheese, grated

Rapeseed oil for frying


  1. Heat a frying pan, add some rapeseed oil and heat, add the Veggie Pudding and cook each piece on both sides until golden brown and set aside.

  2. Spread the Dijon on one side of each piece of bread. Top 2 pieces of bread with even amounts of the cooked pudding and sliced gruyere cheese. Then place the other two pieces of bread on top to make the sandwiches.

  3. Heat a frying pan, add the butter to the pan, melt the butter. Add each sandwich and lightly brown on both sides and remove from the pan.

  4. Place the sandwiches on a tin foil-lined grill tray and spread the béchamel sauce over the top of each sandwich, sprinkle over the grated Gruyere and place under the grill until bubbling and golden brown. Serve immediately.


Pickles and salad leaves (optional)

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