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Hi, I'm Jennifer Oppermann a creative food photographer, food stylist and recipe creator.

Fine art, particularly sculpture, was my first love until I discovered food and the love affair began. I now combine my artist's eye with my love of food to create visually beautiful food.

As a photographer, I have worked on cookbooks and photographed for many of Ireland's top restaurants and hotels. I work with brands to tell their unique story and make them stand out amongst their competitors.

I have honed my craft in styling and styling food and props for advertising campaigns, editorials and TV commercials for many of the large food retailers in Ireland.

I have been exposed to a wide variety of cuisines and cooking styles which I have added to my culinary expertise and I have a vast ingredient knowledge plus a very keen palate which I use to create and develop unique delicious recipes for brands and food producers.

I am a staunch supporter and promoter of locally sourced excellent quality food which has led me to become involved with Irish food awards judging panels in the last couple of years.


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