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The humble Dublin Coddle
Dublin Coddle

I decided to write about some traditional Irish fare to get my blog rolling. Believe it or no I had not cooked Coddle for about two years and I don’t even know the reason why. My mother used to make it for us as kids on a Friday, so it was sort of a tradition but it sadly got lost in translation over the years as we opted for more exotic dishes.

I vow it will be cooked at least once a month throughout the colder months from now on in the Oppermann household, much to delight of my girls. It certainly is a pleasant surprise, as you would imagine teens would prefer the dishes and tastes which are more popular with their peers.
I have created my own family recipe with the hope that my girls will carry on the tradition. The quality and quantity of meat in the sausages is paramount as it is the difference between a rich tasty stew or an greasy oil slick.
The humble Dublin Coddle, or otherwise known as white stew is a traditional Irish dish which has been served in Irish homes for many many moons.

It is essentially the odds and sods from your fridge as there was always a couple rashers and sausages lurking about and sure what Irish household would not have a few spuds, onions and carrots. There are some variations of the dish but it does not deviate too much. One such variation is the addition of pearl barley which I always prefer. The other is to brown or not to brown the sausages again I do colour them slightly as my kids don’t like “nude sausages” Coddle is a bit of an ugly duckling but it compensates with the wonderful hearty taste.

In my own Coddle recipe I use pearl barley two ways, the traditional way, cooked in a pot and I also toast some to add in at the end as this gives it a wonderful nutty flavour to the dish. A very important point to a good Coddle is quality and quantity of meat in the sausages as it is the difference between a rich tasty stew or an greasy oil slick.
I love mashing the potatoes into the stew for an ultimate comfort dish.

Go dtí an chéad uair eile


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